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Are you looking for the best hair salon in Pasadena? Well, you have found it! Upstairs Salon is a salon that makes regular people feel like celebrities. Our founder and owner, Marina Bluvband, in a recent interview with Pasadena Star News, says that from the moment a client walks in through the door, it becomes our job to make them feel like a star, and treat them as very important people.

According to her, precision stylists must follow one single principle: listen first and cut later. Ms. Bluvband has understood that the key to getting the best look for our clients is to listen to them first. That is why every stylist at Upstairs Salon will take the time to understand not only what you want done with your hair but also a little about its history and its current condition. That way, not only do we do our best to help you look good, we also make sure we nourish your hair using the best treatments.

Marina Bluvband

Services Available:

Women’s Haircuts for
Long Hair – $60 ONLY

Women’s Haircuts for
Short Hair – $50 ONLY

Color – $50 ONLY

(blow-dry included with women’s haircuts)

Men’s haircuts – $35 ONLY

Keratin Extensions

We specialize in Keratin Extensions
Call for a free consultation by appointment only.

Where are we?

Upstairs Hair Salon is located in the Pasadena Playhouse District at 99 S. Oak Knoll Ave., which is at the southwest corner of Green St. and Oak Knoll Ave. The entry is around the back, by the parking lot. Just look for the red door and then walk up the stairs. Upstairs Salon is on the second floor – hence the name!

Why People Consider Us the Best Hair Salon in Pasadena

  1. We concentrate on the client, not the interior or loud music.
  2. We don’t serve fancy drinks or wine, but we give excellent service.
  3. Our prices are very reasonable, because we know how hard you work for your money!

Marina Bluvband

Best Men’s Haircut in Pasadena

You may be wondering whether Upstairs Salon does hair for men – Yes, we do! Our male clients always get compliments on their haircuts. We use the same formula: We talk to you and find out what you want and if you have any special concerns. After that, we put all our effort to making you feel like you are the most important client in Pasadena. We usually succeed, too, because there are a lot of men who are very pleased with our services!

Best Women’s Haircut in Pasadena

Sometimes a woman wants to cut her hair. It maybe just to give it a break or it may be that they want to get a new look. Upstairs Salon has the best women’s haircut services in Pasadena. Not only do we cut it for you, we style it so your hair can reveal all your beautiful features. If you want color, come visit the best hair coloring salon in Pasadena, and we will be happy to work with you in giving your haircut the perfect color and texture you want. Because Ms. Bluvband has worked with hair for so many years, she knows exactly what shades suit specific skin colors, and which kinds of hair color are suitable for different kinds of hair.

Specializing in Precision Haircuts

We specialize in Sassoon Precision Haircuts. When you are choosing a salon, it is important to think about the kind of hair you have. Some hair requires special treatment because of its nature. It may be thin or thick, it may be very curly or wavy, and some hair types need more nourishment than others. No matter what your hair type is, you can count on us to give you a stylish haircut.

Upstairs Salon employs stylists who are trained to work with all these kinds of hair. We have a thin hair specialist, a thick hair specialist, a curly hair specialist, and a wavy hair specialist. If your hair needs special treatment and you don’t fall into any of these groups, schedule an appointment and one of our stylists will tell you which kind of treatment is best.

Glowing Reviews Throughout the Web

All of Ms. Bluvband’s specialists are trained to work with the highest level of professionalism and with utmost skill. From the reviews we get, you can see why our clients tell us every day how lucky they were to have found us. Here is what one happy client had to say after a session at Upstairs Salon:

The Upstairs Salon is a very relaxed and peaceful place, right in the heart of Pasadena. Marina does amazing things with color and also gives superior haircuts. She’s had years of experience and is a very caring woman who takes the time to find out exactly what you want. Do yourself a favor and make an appointment. The prices are very reasonable.

This review is from Callie, who goes on to say that the treatment that she receives at Upstairs Salon is definitely better than those she has received in all other salons. It is true. According to Ms. Bluvband, it is important to treat everyone like they are stars. Give them great treatment right from the time they walk in, listen to what they want you to do, and then do it. We want to make all our clients very happy, because then they come back.

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